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Single Trip Insurance

Whether you are travelling on business or a family holiday, travel insurance is essential. Even if you are travelling to an EC country with an European E111 or the new ECard, you are only covered for basic medical services unless you have travel insurance. You can use the Travel Insurance Directory to shop around for the best prices. You can also check our Guide to Single Trip Travel Insurance.

Guide to Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance used to be the most popular method of insuring your family holiday, that was when the average family saved up their money and took the annual trip down to the travel agents office in January to book their families annual migration holiday for August.

Things have changed over the past 10 years as travel patterns and consumer needs have exploded as more and more people and families take twice as many holidays to further and more exotic destinations than Spain. Once the Mecca for all-family holidays and still very popular Spain, Italy or Greece used to be the limit of most families travel destinations.

Single trip travel polices were ideal to provide cover for medical expenses, cancellation, loss of money and documents etc for the short trip from 3 to 31 days which was more than sufficient for 80% of all holiday makers 20 years ago.

Single Trip Travel insurance is still of course widely available but the advent of low cost budget airlines has meant the explosion in air travel for all holiday makers especially in Europe and the need for a more convenient travel policy has meant that annual multi trip polices are more popular than single trip travel insurance purely because financial institutions can package an annual multi - trip policy and sell it to their customers or even give it away as part of a package deal along with other products such as a mortgage or credit card.

Single trip travel insurance will provide cover for short mini-breaks up to 3 months and can also be arranged for the business traveller and for those participating in hazardous activities such as scuba diving and a winter sport, which is a special single trip travel policy, designed specifically for winter sports activities.

The single trip travel insurance policy will always remain a simple low cost policy to cover for the single trip or for the less frequent flier.

Cover can be arranged for children up to grand parents and available in single, couple, single parent and family options and is priced in daily units such as 3, 5, 7, 10, 17, 24, 31 days with the option for weekly increments up to a maximum of 3 months.

Most single trip policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions and you need to seek out a policy that will offer such cover and you will need to pay an additional premium to cover for medical claims, which are related to your medical condition.

The Internet has opened up a myriad of opportunities to seek out travel destinations and to actually book hotels, and flights and even have a car hire waiting for you as well as single trip travel insurance which you can purchase online and print out in a matter of minutes.

Single trip travel insurance is cheaper than it has ever been and thanks to the Internet and competition all after your custom it is now possible to purchase single trip travel insurance online in the comfort of your own home.

As they say don't leave home without your passport and money and above all your single trip travel insurance policy.

You may want to check out our Guidance notes about travel insurance if this is the first time that you have bought travel insurance online.