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Canal and boating holidays and cruising are suitable for every member of the family. Canal boats can be rented easily and at reasonable cost. A boating holiday brings the British countryside alive with the stimulation and escapade of boating. English canals, particularly the Grand Union Canal, present a real transformation from everyday routine and bring one in touch with a new countryside remote from main roads and railways, free from crowded motor coaches and loud trippers; serene, pleasing and perfect.

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Why Choose a boating or canal Holiday

A boating holiday is the first choice for holidaymakers as the tradition goes back over 50 years when people realized the fastest way of slowing down is to have a restful holiday in a canal boat.

Canal boats have been used for a long time. Some people also call them 'barges', 'narrow boat' or 'charter boats'. Even if you have no prior canal boat hire know-how you will be amazed just how much fun it is to be a skipper of your canal boat.

All the boats are functional and built for easy and responsive handling. Even if you have any doubts over any aspect of waterway cruising, you will be provided with assistance by the hirers for a tuition cruise by an experienced pilots at the start of your canal boat holiday. Lessons are continued until you are confident of how to handle the boat. This will ensure a most enjoyable and memorable canal boat holiday.

There are a number of start locations so you can find a start location to suit you. There is a wide variety of boat layouts to choose from so you can hire a boat to suit your requirements.

The thought of experiencing the peace and freedom of the vast waterway system throughout England, Scotland and Wales will be available to you by boating holidays.

You will surely enjoy special treatment and your whole holiday is at your own pace. You have time to relish the panorama, converse with people and get to know new company to enhance your lifestyle.

You can expose yourself to one of Britain's best views, the 2000 mile network of narrow waterways and navigations, for which the narrow boat was specially designed. The waterways meander across some of the most beautiful countryside, and past pubs, cottages and warehouses. Here you will discover the Britain most tourists miss on their holidays.

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