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Caravanning holidays are one of the most popular activities throughout the country. The industry experts say that this the newest trend in the UK.

We have listed some of the Caravan parks, Caravan Hire and Caravanning Accessories Suppliers.

People used to relate caravanning to be suitable for older travellers, but now holidaying in a caravan can be a family activity with available services and activities for all.

Caravanning accounts for 19 per cent of holidays taken in the UK, so it's the largest single share of holiday options, and it's on the increase. It is a fact that around a million people are already in membership of caravanning clubs. People from all walks of life, and all age groups, are enjoying the caravanning experience. Caravanning is very popular with families and younger couples and people going off for the weekend with a surf board. Even for people with babies, it's much easier to take care and feed a child at odd hours in the morning in a caravan than it is in a hotel room because all the facilities are provided already.

A survey conducted by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association revealed that caravan parks generate an annual tourism spend of £3.1 billion. The association also reports that half of all people in the UK have taken a caravanning holiday at some point in their life.