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Business Travel Insurance

If you are travelling on business, travel insurance is essential. Even if you are travelling to an EC country with an European E111 or the new ECard, you are only covered for basic medical services unless you have travel insurance.Business travel insurance can cover you for extras that a normal travel insurance policy does not cover, such as loss of business documents or missed appointments. You can use the Travel Insurance Directory to shop around for the best Business Travel Insurance prices. You can also read our Guide to Business Travel Insurance

Guide to Business Travel Insurance

The business traveller needs more cover than the standard travel insurance policy and if you are travelling on business then you must check that your travel insurance policy will cover you. If you are self employed then of course arranging business travel insurance remains your sole responsibility. If you work for a company and are required to travel abroad on business then you would expect the company to have a business travel insurance policy to protect you, but always check to make sure business travel insurance cover has been arranged for your proposed business trip.

Most business travel insurance policies are annual multi-trip types that last for 12 months and renewable and permit you to travel frequently to designated areas such as Europe only or Worldwide excluding USA & Canada or Worldwide.

Business travel insurance policies normally also have a per trip limit to a number of days as these factors make a big difference to the premium and if you want to get the best deal you should consult a business travel insurance specialist who can tailor your policy to match your needs. It is possible if you shop around to obtain a single trip business travel insurance policy to cover you for a business trip by taking out a business extension although most business travellers or companies who need to cover employees travelling on business will prefer to take out an annual business travel insurance policy.

As well as the normal medical expenses cover, cancellation and baggage cover business travel insurance will provide additional benefits such as:

For the Company:
Business Equipment Insurance including Computer Equipment, Laptops, Samples, Delayed Business Equipment and the Emergency Courier of Essential Equipment.
Business Money, Business Equipment Hire, Replacement of Staff in the event of the employee being hospitalised.

For the employee they can sometimes contain benefits such as:
Full Family Travel Insurance
Free Kids Cover
Winter Sports Options
Insurance for Adventure Sports Activities to be included

Business travel insurance is not to be confused with standard travel insurance and you must make sure you read the policy wording or ask your insurer to make sure you are covered whilst travelling on business, failure to do so could render you uninsured and stranded in a foreign country.

The European European E111 or the new ECard reciprocal agreement does not extend to business travellers and should not be relied upon to protect you as this was designed to provide free emergency medical treatment for nationals of the member states of the European Union.

You may want to check out our Guidance notes about travel insurance if this is the first time that you have bought travel insurance online.