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Holiday Insurance

You can use the Holiday Insurance Directory to shop around for the best prices on holiday insurance. You can also check our Guide to Holiday Insurance.

Guide to Holiday Insurance

Holiday travel insurance is now a commodity that is promoted very heavily and is very competitively priced if you learn to shop around for the best holiday insurance deal.

We all like to take holidays and mini-breaks more often than we used to, perhaps 20 years ago the average family took one annual holiday in the summer and perhaps a long weekend or days out later on during the year. We are now taking on average 2 international holidays a year and 2 further mini-breaks and days away throughout the year.

Our travelling has virtually doubled and we find ourselves travelling to stranger destinations and participating in more hazardous activities, with many thousands of families taking a summer vacation and a winter sports holiday in contrast.

The advent of the budget airlines has trebled the number of frequent fliers as prices for flights have reached bargain basement levels in some cases for only £1 plus the airport tax and of course the holiday insurance. Over 36 million trips were carried out by UK nationals during 2004 and the market trends show even more travelling in the years to come.

The need for holiday insurance has never been greater as more people take to the skies as well as cruise ships, which used to be the recluse of the rich has now become within reach of the average working family.

Holiday Insurance comes in various forms namely: Single Trip,Annual Multi-trip, Long Stay, Winter Sports, Adventure.

The single trip policy is basically for the duration of the trip and can be purchased in units of 3, 5, 10, 17, 24, 31 days with options to buy additional weeks

The Annual Multi-trip policy present best value for the frequent traveller as it covers you for the year and is renewable and permits you to take holidays for any trip anywhere in the world up to a trip limit which is normally 31 days but can be obtained up to 45, 60 or even 100 days for each trip.

Long Stay policies are holiday insurance for the person/s who is lucky enough to have time on their hands are able to travel around countries from 4 to 18 months

Winter Sports Holiday Insurance is for winter sports activists who like to get on the piste and practice their skiing and other exciting winter holiday activities.

Adventure holiday insurance is for the true exponent of holidays, which some might call extreme adventures, from trekking across the Himalayas to canoeing and scuba diving in the Seychelles to white water rafting and bungee jumping as well as a whole raft of would be hazardous activities.

Every person has their own view on what they class a holiday and holiday travel insurance has been diversified to cover almost all eventualities and activities to cater for peoples varying tastes.

Holiday Insurance can be obtained in the high street from leading travel agents and for best value on the Internet. You can also find holiday insurance offered with some credit cards and especially by the Banks and Building Societies who will throw in holiday insurance when you open new types of accounts and when you transfer your mortgage lender. So it pays to shop around and you can even get holiday insurance from your local Post office.

No matter what you like to do on your holiday, there is most likely a holiday travel insurance to suit your needs, budget and age.

You may want to check out our Guidance notes about travel insurance if this is the first time that you have bought travel insurance online.