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Annual Travel Insurance

If you travel frequently, annual travel insurance can work out cheaper and easier than buying a separate travel policy each time you travel. You can use the Travel Insurance Directory to shop around for the best annual travel insurance prices. You can also check out our Guide to Annual Travel Insurance.

Guide to Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance covers you for a whole year. If you travel on holiday more than once a year you should consider the benefits and savings of having an Annual Travel Insurance policy. Every time you travel you need to pay for travel insurance and it soon mounts up. If you or your family take more than one holiday abroad each year you can actually save money by buying an Annual Travel Insurance policy.

Cover can be arranged for Singles. Couples, Family and for single parents and you can also select cover for Worldwide or worldwide excluding USA & Canada and for travel in Europe only should you require. Most Annual Travel policies provide a list of hazardous activities you can do as well as cover for Winter Sports activity such as skiing for so many days in the year.

Annual Travel Insurance policies offered by most companies offer several levels of benefits such as eliminating personal baggage cover or cancellation however the standard annual travel policy is normally very comprehensive and it is best to buy the best level of cover you can budget for.

Should you have a pre-existing medical condition then make sure you shop around carefully and call the company to find out if your medical condition is covered, normally all policies will exclude all pre-existing medical conditions so if they occur or a related condition occurs whilst on holiday you will not be covered. Some Annual Travel Insurance companies do offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions by providing a pre-screening service and by paying an additional premium most pre-existing medical conditions can be included.

Special attention to be taken by Pregnant mothers, as many ladies now travel extensively right up to 35 weeks which is still considered safe by the Airlines providing your GP approves and you are not flying against medical advice and there are no previous histories of difficult pregnancies. This is not always how the Annual Travel Insurer will see it and they are pushing down the acceptance of term to 28 weeks in most cases upon arrival back to the UK. This means if you are going to be more than 28 weeks into your pregnancy upon arrival back to the UK you will be not insured if anything happens.

Travellers and holidaymakers are now travelling more frequently and for less duration but taking mini breaks and instant getaways thanks to the now very affordable budget low cost airlines that have driven the cost down for air travel especially to Europe. Annual Travel Insurance is a relatively small price to pay for year round travel insurance protection with family cover costing from £2 per week, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

In our busy life we all need to get away and certainly more and more of us are escaping to far off locations as well as European city breaks to get away from the stresses of every day life, in fact 36 million of us left the country during 2004.

The growth of the Internet has given the power of choice to the consumer who can now book a hotel in Berlin, a flight to New York and hire a car online as well as book annual travel insurance and save money in the process. Many deals are available online and if you shop around you can plan your entire holiday and make fabulous savings from the high street travel agents.

Annual Travel Insurance should be purchased from an recognised source and always look for a trustworthy name and read the small print to make sure you are covered for the activities you intend to do, the best source can be recommendation from a friend or work colleague.

It makes economic sense to take out an Annual Travel Insurance Policy as you certainly save money by paying for the year instead of every time you travel, plus you save yourself the time and trouble of booking the insurance when you book your trip. You can just book your flight and fly and not worry about the travel insurance.

Some credit card companies now offer FREE annual travel insurance, which is worth considering but don't spend too much on the credit card. If you work for a large company you should check with human resources as sometimes they have a company annual travel insurance policy which you can buy into for even greater savings.

Mortgage lenders can also offer free Annual Travel Insurance when you transfer your mortgage so make sure you ask the question next time you consider moving or transferring your mortgage provider.

Annual Travel Insurance has become just one of those normal expenses along with the home and car insurance and should be considered as such a regular annual purchase, in fact some leading home insurance companies and auto recovery companies offer combined packages to include Annual Travel Insurance in either you Car or Household insurance protection.

Annual Travel Insurance otherwise known as Multi-trip insurance is widely available through high street locations, the Internet, credit cards, leading household insurance companies and even from Banks and Building societies.

Before you book your next holiday why not book your Annual Travel Insurance and stop spending money every time you travel on expensive single trip travel insurance from travel agents and tour operators and start saving money to spend on your holiday instead with annual travel insurance.

You may want to check out our Guidance notes about travel insurance if this is the first time that you have bought travel insurance online. Some policies may limit the number of times you can travel, or cover you for a limited number of days in total. Make sure that you check these limits before buying annual travel insurance.