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London theatre information:
Booking tickets for London theatres
Buying tickets from Tkts

The Half Price Theatre Ticket Booth (TKTS) in London's Leicester Square is the only Booth that you should buy from. The tkts booth is run by the Society of London Theatre, the industry body that represents London's theatres.

There are many "Half Price" Theatre Ticket outlets in the area, which are not what the name suggests. TKTS is run by The Society of London Theatre (SOLT),the trade association that represents London theatre, and sells same day theatre tickets at 50% discount plus a service charge of £2.50 a ticket.

A few things to know about the booth

  • Avoid Imitations The Half Price Theatre Ticket Booth was founded in 1980 and even after the name change to "tkts" a number of outlets still take advantage of the name and call themselves "Half Price", but they seldom have tickets for the show you want ... "Sorry guv, we've just run out" but they have full price tickets! The booth is the only building in Leicester square itself and the photo below should help you find it. Some touts also hang around Leicester Square pretending to be representatives, don't buy from any of them.
  • tkts is open every day of the week, all year round (with the exception of Christmas Day). Opening Hours:
    Monday to Saturday - 10.00am to 7.00pm
    Sunday - 12 noon to 3.00pm
  • Not all shows are available There is usually a good choice of shows. The list is displayed on boards outside, one for evening and one for matineé performances so make sure you check the right one. This information is now available online and updated daily.
  • Seats allocated to you Tickets are sold from the top of the pile so you have no option of choosing seats. These are tickets for seats that have not been sold by the Box Office so expect to get the less popular seats. Generally the seats are in the stalls.
  • Evening and matineé performances are sold from separate windows you need to make sure you go to the correct window or else you will have to queue up again.
  • Payment Cash (Sterling or Euros), credit card or debit card (Mastercard, Visa, Switch or Solo), or by Theatre Tokens. Cheques and travellers cheques are not accepted.
  • No telephone booking Tickets are only sold to personal callers on the day
  • No advanced bookings tkts only sells tickets for performances the same day
  • Not just half price tickets! As well as half price tickets there are some tickets at %25 discount. There are also some full price tickets available, so if you are out of luck at the box office, you may be able to buy tickets for a popular shows cheaper than going to an agency.
  • Arrive early as with many things in London it pays to get there early if you are looking for tickets to popular shows.
  • Check back regularly Availability of tickets changes constantly and if something you want is not available one day, it might be the next. If you can spare the time check daily. The opposite is also true that because a show is available it will not necessarily be available the next day.
Finding the booth is easy if you follow the official instructions below:

You'll find it in the clocktower building on the south side of the garden in Leicester Square. It's easy to find - it is the only free-standing building actually within the Square, rather than around the edge. The nearest Underground stations are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

There are also photos and a map available on the official site.

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