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Booking tickets for London theatres
Buying tickets from touts

Ticket Touts or scalpers are individuals or groups who buy tickets from the box office and then sell to unwary members of the public at hugely inflated price. Our advice is to NEVER buy from touts.

It can be hard to resist as they encourage you to buy tickets to a show you really want to see. Just think about these when you are offered tickets.

  • The tickets could be stolen or forged If this is the case you may not even get to see the show.
  • Prices are several times the face value so you will be paying way over the odds to watch a show. Is it worth it? Always ask the face value of the ticket. If there is any hesitation WALK AWAY.
  • The seats could be terrible You may be sold tickets for seats with a restricted view. Having paid five times the face value for a ticket, how much are you going to enjoy watching the show from behind a pillar.
  • You are making things more difficult for yourself and other theatregoers Seats become sold out because touts buy up tickets before the real theatregoers get a chance. If people don't buy from touts then there will be more tickets available at the box office.
  • Touts are not just the fellows hanging around theatres with tickets in their hands. They can make themselves look legitimate by having a small outlet in the theatre district or hide on the Internet. If you are not sure and you don't see a STAR logo don't buy.
  • The police may not be able to help English law is based on one simple rule "Buyer beware". It is up to you to decide whether to buy. When you have bought the tickets there is little that the police can do, especially if the tout denies all knowledge of any deal.

If after these points have been considered you are still willing to go ahead then please follow this advice.

  • Never buy from someone in the street
  • Never buy from the small outlets around Half Price Ticket Booth (Tkts) in Leicester Square
  • Buy now don't collect later Unless you are certain about the agency and receive a proper agency voucher for collection at the theatre do not part with your money without getting the tickets.
  • Always check the date, location and face value of the ticket. If something is wrong or the face value is obscured DO NOT BUY. Make sure you are not paying for a poor seat with restricted view at a great price. NEVER accept tickets in a sealed envelope unless you have checked them first.

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