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London theatre information:
Booking tickets for London theatres
Buying tickets from the Theatre Box Office

The cheapest option is to buy tickets from the Theatre's own box office. You should also read our Tips on buying tickets.

Buying tickets in person
If you are in London this is the best way to buy tickets. You can see the seating plans, choose your seats and collect your tickets. You also avoid paying the booking fees charged for other methods. Theatre box offices usually open from 10am on days when there is a performance. They close about 30 minutes after the evening show begins. If you are booking advanced tickets avoid the hour or so before an evening show or matinees as the box office will be busy with people collecting tickets.

If you are buying tickets for one of the theatres in the Really Useful group you can book tickets for any of the other theatres in the group so you can go to the theatre that is convenient for you.

Buying tickets by phone
If you can't make it to the theatre in person the next best thing is the phone. Most theatre box offices have a dedicated 24hr/7day telephone service where you can book your tickets and pay by credit card. To find the number you can check our listings or you can check out the press e.g. Evening Standard or the Official London Theatre Guide published by the Society of London Theatre, available at hotels and tourist outlets. There is an administration charge for this service, usually one or two pounds which is added to the cost of your ticket, but is still cheaper than agencies. You should be aware that when the box offices is closed or at busy times your call will be diverted to an agency, which should charge the same administration fee. You may need to be patient at busy times as the lines get very busy.

If there is time your tickets will be posted to you, otherwise you can collect them from the theatre box office before a performance. If you are collecting your tickets, arrive early as there may be a queue. You may need to bring the credit card you purchased your tickets with as proof and sign a receipt.

One final point regarding credit cards. There may be an additional charge for using a card, but you should be advised when you book your tickets.

Buying tickets by Fax
Some theatre box offices may allow tickets to be booked by Fax. You Fax them the details of the seats, dates etc. and your card details and they will send a faxed confirmation of your booking. You can't get any help or advice as you would using the phone, but otherwise the process is similar. The same rules apply as above regarding whether your tickets are posted or held at the theatre box office.

Buying tickets by post
You can reserve your tickets in advance, by post. Payment can be by cheque, postal order or theatre tokens. Tickets will be sent to you if you enclose a self addressed envelope and there is time before a performance. Alternatively your tickets will be held for you at the theatre box office.

Buying tickets online
This facility is not to be confused with the agencies that sell online. Some theatres will allow you to contact them directly either by filling in a form or sending an e-mail. Your transaction will be processed and tickets are posted or held for you at the theatre box office. These are not as good as the agency sites, but the theatres are beginning to realise the potential of Internet bookings and will no-doubt be improving these as time goes by.

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