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Booking tickets for London theatres
Tips on buying tickets

If you follow our advice, you should have a trouble free experience with your tickets. Here are a few tips.

  • Ask what the face value of the ticket is. unless you are buying at the theatre box office. The face value is the price you would pay at the box office and this must not be obscured in any way. If booking by phone they must tell you this if you ask.
  • Check your seat If you are buying in person ask to see your seats on the seating plan. Make sure your seating position is explained to you if you are buying on the phone or Internet.
  • Check if the seat has a restricted view These should be marked on the plan and the operator should tell you if you ask over the phone. These may be cheaper, but you must ask as this information is seldom volunteered.
  • Make sure you read any terms & Conditions If you are buying tickets from a ticket agency in person don't sign anything that could give away your legal rights.
  • Ask for explanation of extra charges Agencies charge a service or administration fee, which should not be more than %25 of the face value. If you book on the phone there may be an additional fee, even from the theatre's own box office, which should only be one or two pounds. There may be a small transaction charge for paying by credit card, which you should be informed of when booking your tickets.
  • Check your tickets Mistakes can happen at the box office and you could be given the wrong tickets. Also if you are buying from less reputable agencies you may be given tickets in a sealed envelope. In such cases open the envelope and check your tickets before you pay.
  • Disabled access Make sure you mention any requirements when booking as these facilities may only be available in a certain area of the theatre.
  • Picking up your tickets at the box office It may be necessary to pick up your tickets at the box office for example if you book close to the performance date and there is not enough time to post you the tickets. Arrive early as there may be a queue of other people picking up tickets.
  • Look for the STAR logo if buying from an agency
  • Don't buy tickets from touts (scalpers)This subject is dealt with on the page about touts, but we need to mention it again. They can operate from booths, online or on the street. Be very wary of these characters as they will NOT be offering you what you want and in some cases you will not be able to use the tickets they sell you.
  • Payment Cash and cards are accepted everywhere. Cheques may not be accepted, particularly if you are buying tickets on the day. Travellers Cheques and Euros are rarely accepted
  • Centralised booking facilities in theatre chains The West End theatre chains the Ambassador Group and Really Useful have a centralised booking facility for all their theatres so you can call any of the theatres to book if the one you want is busy. Really Useful have extended this to the Box Office where you can go to any theatre and book tickets for any of the other theatres in the Really Useful group.

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