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Links Exchanges

Whether your site is UK based or not you can exchange reciprocal links with us. It's easy to set up a link exchange; simply follow the instructions below. Please Do not e-mail us about link requests, use the form instead.

Reciprocal Link Exchanges

We have set up a link exchange programme and are actively looking for suitable partners. Our link exchange programme is freely open to anyone with a relevant, related web site and interested in exchanging links.

It's easy to set up a link exchange; simply follow these simple steps and read the instructions below.

  1. Start the link exchange by placing a link to us on your site first. Instructions are given on the Link exchange form.
  2. Complete the Link exchange form.
  3. We will complete the link exchange by placing a reciprocal link on your site once we have checked that a link to us has been placed on your site.
  4. Once we have added your link, you will receive an email telling you which page the link is on.

When exchanging links please read the following rules.

  • Place a reciprocal link on your site first. Link Exchange protocol indicates that the person initiating the link exchange must place a link first before asking for a link exchange. Instructions are given on the Link exchange form.
  • Please complete the Link exchange form and tell us where you have placed the link. It does not have to be the exact page, but gives our robot a head start.
  • Make sure that there is a clear route from your home page to the link exchange page on your site. If we can't get to your links page then the link exchange will be rejected.
  • Your site should have it's own domain name, link exchanges with free hosting sites such as Freeserve and Yahoo can not be accepted.
  • Your site must be on the same domain as your links page.
  • Please note we can not swap links with sites which break our Terms and conditions, Link Swap Partners such as adult sites are not allowed.
  • Do not hide your links in Java script or frames. Search engines can not follow and neither will our robot so your link will be rejected.
  • Only sites that provide reciprocal Links will be added to our link exchange programme. We monitor our Links Exchange partners and if our link is not found on your site the link exchange will be suspended.
  • This page is for sites that do not fit into our directory categories, or are outside the scope of our directory. Most UK based sites are listed in our main directory and can be accessed from there. If your site is UK based then you should look in the directory first.
  • Do not submit your URL more than once. This could result in ALL your links being removed.
  • We will not accept link farms or links from sites with hundreds of links per page.
  • Link exchange may be refused due to other factors (too many to mention) that made a link exchange not possible.
  • Three way or circular link exchanges will NOT be accepted.