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Acceptable Use Policy

Brit Info Net is the registered domain and property of It is an independent web site not related to any government organisation. It provides information about all aspects of Britain to people of all ages; however, there are some exceptions. We will not link directly to pages containing offensive, religious or political material; this serves to protect both us and the public from unacceptable material.

If you are unhappy with any page directly linked to one of our pages, e-mail with details of the page and the link.


Please read this document carefully before using this web site. Using the Brit Info Net web site indicates your agreement with our Acceptable Use Policy and the rules below. If you do not adhere to these rules, please refrain from using this web site.

These rules ensure everyone can benefit equally from the service. They are intended as guidelines and are not exhaustive. If you have any further questions, please contact us stating which topic you would like to be clarified.

Our full Terms and Conditions for Advertisers is available on request.

Our Mission

It is our policy to provide local communities, across the United Kingdom, access to sources of information and free exchange of information. Individuals, organisations and businesses are free to use Brit Info Net for distribution of lawful and ethical material, except as limited by these rules.

Acceptable Behaviour

We expect all members of the community to use this site in a responsible manner; respect the rights of others, and abide by all UK laws and regulations. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Users must use appropriate language and refrain from abuse and obscenities.
  • Users must not use false identities, names or e-mail addresses.
  • Users cannot distribute threatening, obscene, libelous, or defamatory information and material protected by trade or official secrets legislation.
  • Users must respect material protected by law. They must not infringe the copyright or intellectual property rights of others.


We will not censor material unless we have good reason to believe that they are illegal, defamatory, obscene or fraudulent.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

No part of this site may be reused, copied or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without written permission from us.

The collections of links on this site are provided as a means of directing readers to other pages and sites. They must not be copied and reused, either partially or completely, for part of a links page for another site.

Our rights

We reserve the right to change our prices after thirty (30) days notice.

We reserve the right to discontinue service to advertisers who have breached their payment terms.

We reserve the right to change our service upon thirty (30) days notice, including changes to our procedures and structure of the site.

We reserve the right to remove any postings and submissions which violate these rules. Interpretation of what constitutes a violation is solely at the discretion of

Use of E-mail

To maintain privacy we will not monitor or record e-mails sent through this site using the forms on our pages.

E-mail addresses submitted to our database will be confidential. We will do our best to ensure that the e-mail addresses displayed on this site cannot be collected from the site using e-mail scanning software.

We will not use the e-mail addresses to send unsolicited e-mails, nor shall we disclose them to any third parties for marketing purposes. They will be used only to contact the user, where necessary, or to send information that they have requested.

Disclaimer of Liability

Although we use the latest technology and hardware, there may be occasional problems on the Internet. We cannot be held responsible for temporary loss of access due to third party hardware failure, general delays on the Internet, telecommunications or other problems including Acts of God.

We will try to keep the material on the site accurate and up to date, but there is no guarantee that it will be free from errors or interruptions. We shall not be liable for any damage, financial or otherwise which may be caused by using the information on this site.

We cannot control the content of other sites accessed via links on this site , nor can we be held responsible for their validity or accuracy.

We cannot be held responsible for any comments or claims made by advertisers on this site.

Any liability of to advertisers for any damages or losses of any kind shall not exceed the amount paid by the advertisers, if any, for use of this web site.

Some of the information on this site is contributed by third parties with an indication of the contributor. This information is provided "as is", and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

Use of, and reliance upon any information obtained by links to other sites or pages contributed by third parties, is the user's sole responsibility.


To report a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, please send us an e-mail with a description of the problem and details of the page to

We reserve the right to enforce the rules at our discretion and non-enforcement of any section of these terms and conditions does not constitute consent.


Advertisers take full responsibility for all statements made on their web pages.

Advertisers agree that they will not promote or advertise any products which are illegal in the UK or EC.

We will not publicise events which are unsociable or would cause offence to others.

Links to other sites

Before we add a link to any page, we will visit it to make sure it is acceptable. Due to the nature of the web we cannot follow all the links from the page, or make sure that its contents remain acceptable.

  • Offensive material
    To protect everyone, especially children, we will not accept links to pages which contain offensive or adult content. We will not link to pages with racist or sexist content.
  • Personal pages
    Information on this site must be of general interest to the public. Personal pages are not accepted at present, unless they contain important information not available elsewhere. If you think that your page(s) merit a link on this site then contact us by e-mail on with the details of your page. We will look at the page and, if it is suitable, add a link to it from our site.
  • Politics and religion
    Brit Info Net is not to be used as a platform for promoting political or religious views. We cannot accept any pages, or links to pages, which contain political or religious material which could offend others.
  • Illegal activities
    We cannot link to any site which (we believe) does not conform to UK and EC laws.

Cessation of services

We reserve the right to remove any advertisement or links to any site which breaks these rules.

Privacy of information

Access to this site may be monitored and certain general information is recorded for use in our own statistics and records. We will not store unsolicited personal information nor identify any single user unless a criminal or illegal action has taken place and we are requested to do so by the relevant authority.

We do not and will not, sell or transfer any personal details about our users to any third party for the purpose of using that information for marketing or direct sales.

To find out more please check our privacy statement.

Application of these rules

We may modify these Rules upon notice published on the site.

Our full Terms and Conditions for Advertisers is available on request.

Brit Info Net is the registered domain and property of