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Car loans and finance - terms and conditions

The car loans and finance - terms and conditions on this page are in addition to our standard terms and conditions and Privacy Statement.

  • Our list of UK car finance providers contains a list of car finance companies that have paid for advertising, or pay us commission to be listed. It is not intended as an indication of the best loans or sources of car credit.
  • Our UK car finance quotes are provided by Auto Trader and all car finance quotes are provided by third party lenders.
  • Our UK car finance directory is provided by a third party and all car finance quotes are provided by third party lenders.
  • The information provided on this site is for your convenience. No part of it should be considered as 'Advice'.
  • We are not responsible for the car finance quotes provided by third parties or the conditions of loans provided by the lenders.
  • We are not Licensed Credit Brokers and do not offer advice on loans and finance. Any guidance on this site is only inteneded as a starting point. This information should not be relied upon when getting a loan from any of the finance companies, whether listed on this site or another.
  • We are not responsible for any finance or loans arrranged through any third parties. The arrangement is solely between the lender and the borrower.
  • We do not request or store any information from borrowers, nor do we pass on any information to the lenders or other third party.
  • We only have information that is suitable for UK residents. No information on this site should be used be people residing outside UK. We canot be held responsible where the information on this site is used by someone outside the UK.
  • The car finance quotes on this site are provided by third party finance companies. We makes no guarantees that the finance repayments will be the lowest repayments available.
  • When requesting car finance or a loan for a car, remember that your car may be at risk if you do no keep up loan or finance repayments.
  • Although we endeavors to ensure that the content is accurate and up to date, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made to its accuracy or completeness. The contents of this web site should not be construed as professional advice, or recommendation of any product or service offered by the companies providing such products or services. So far as it is permitted by law, we disclaim liability for any loss, howsoever caused, arising directly or indirectly from the use and content of this web site.
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