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Car Finance Advice

So you want to buy a new car and can't afford to pay in cash. There are a variety of options for getting car finance and our advice on this site will help you get an affordable car loan even if you have a poor credit record. If you are looking to get a loan for either a new or used car, this is the place to start.

There are so many car finance options available form a variety of lenders offering you car loans at different payment periods and interest rates that anyone looking for a car loan would be understandably confused on choosing the car finance deal that is right for you.

Our UK Car finance advice and Comparison of different car loans and car finance options will guide you through the different types of car loans available on the market, and provides you with useful Tips on getting car finance and arranging a car loan where to look for the best and cheapest car loans regardless of your individual circumstances and credit history.

There ia a page on Finding a Cheap Car Loan online and advice for people with poor credit on getting car loans with a bad credit history.

We have help for individuals on Different methods of financing your next car or arranging a car loan and there is help for short of cash businesses on Car finance for business.

If you get confused by the terminology, use the Car finance glossary to help you out.