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Sell Your Used Cars

The sites below offer a variety of advertising services for selling used cars in the UK. We have included a comparison table of used car sites to help you decide on the best site for selling your used car. This list of sites includes some of the sites for selling used cars, but as there are so many sites for selling used cars, we have only listed a few trusted sites where you can be confident of selling your car within a reasonable length of time.

Desperate Seller
Desperate Seller are innovating car advertising. Car sellers are now able to advertise their car on 101 websites to a market of over 5.5M potential buyers, at the click of a button. Desperate Seller offer one package for £29.99. This package advertises private sellers cars on 101 websites, inc. the likes of Whatcar, Fish5cars, Carsource, etc.

Auto Trader
Auto Trader has over 30 years expertise in helping people to buy and sell cars. In that time we've learnt what people want from a platform to sell their car privately and so we welcome around 50,000 private advertisers per month. Auto Trader is the natural choice for private car sellers in the UK market. We deliver more than twice as many potential buyers to our advertisers than our nearest competitor.

Sell your used car

This used car sites comparison table can help you decide on the best site for selling your used car.
SitePrice *Appears on other sites
Desperate Seller£29.99101 websites
Auto Traderfrom £14.95--
* Price is until sold unless stated otherwise.

We have only included descriptions provided by the companies. The descriptions are not meant as a review of the prices or services offered by the companies.

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