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5709369The Thinking Drinkers
DateThursday 25th October 2018
The Thinking Drinkers
DescriptionWhen we're not being critically-acclaimed funny guys, we are alcohol experts. We've won awards and everything! This March, we present an hour of prayer to the Gods. God must've blessed drinking, he created Jesus in his image, and he turned water into booze. God wasn't the only divine-dude who liked a drop. So, join us as we idolise a host of heavenly drinkers. Shout 'Ave' to the Aztecs who adored Mayahuel. Go crazy for Greek drinking god Dionysus. Be bonkers for Bacchus, Roman god of wine and good times. In a stroke of luck, or clever planning, March 16th is Bacchus's celebration. They celebrated with a massive orgy, we won't, but we'll give out free drinks, so it'll be almost as good. Delving into the drinks, we reveal the people, places, and the past behind each bottle. Audience members get five free drinks, a few funnies and plenty of pub ammo.
Time(s)Oct 25, 8pm
LocationJunction, The
Telephone No.01223 511511
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Venue details

Junction, The
AddressClifton Road
Telephone No.Box Office: (01223) 511 511
Administration: (01223) 57 8000
Disabled facilitiesall areas fully accessible
ParkingMulti-storey pay and display close by
Opening timesOpening hours are Mon - Sat 12pm - 6pm (open until 10pm on performance nights)
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