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Cast Lists

Cast lists can be very difficult to keep up to date. In the major West End theatres, around 50, there are regular cast changes, sometimes one or two, occasionally the full cast may be changed. We are not always informed of these changes, although when a major part or celebrity is changed the producers or promoters publicise the change to the cast list.

In long running shows the actors may change between performances for a number of reasons such as health reasons or to get a break (imagine doing the same show six nights a week). If you are going to see a show because of a certain person then you should check with the theatre whether that person will be performing on the night. A good rule is to avoid matineés and quieter days during the week.

For other London theatres and regional theatres, where the shows typically run for a shorter period of time, we do add as much of the cast list as provided by the promoters.

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