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UK theatre information:

An evening at the theatre should be a night to remember for pleasant reasons. Most of these tips are common sense, but it doesn't hurt to repeat them.

Leaving the theatre
Be careful when you leave the theatre as the streets tend to be almost deserted. Avoid dark alleys, especially if you are alone. Do not hang around as this might attract unwanted attention.

If you are travelling by car you should be safe, but beware of deserted car parks. It's better to park in a car park with an attendant, or security system. If you are taking taxis pick up a black cab if possible or call a reputable company. Do not get into a private taxi that happens to be waiting on the street for the sake of convenience.

Coats and belongings
Theatres tend to be secure and some theatres may have a security or surveillance system in place. There is a facility for checking your coats at many theatres, but in some cases you may need to keep your coat with you. Take out any valuables out of your coat when checking it. Theatres have a disclaimer that things are left at your own risk, so if something went missing you would have difficulty in getting it back.

Do not leave belongings or valuables unattended at any time. Make sure you take everything with you during the interval. Don't leave your handbag on the seat to mark your place as it's asking for trouble.

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