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Get more enjoyment from your theatre

Going to the theatre should be a special pleasure whether you go frequently or on rare occasions. Here are a few tips on how to get the most enjoyment from your experience and make the night memorable if you want to make someone feel special.

Arrive early
It may see silly to say it, but being at the theatre early helps you relax as you don't have to worry about getting there, collecting your tickets if necessary etc. Arriving in good time gives you a chance to have a drink at the bar and chat to people you came with or other people. Chat about the show you are about to watch. It's interesting to hear other people's expectations and opinions of the show.

Pre-order your drinks for the interval
For a small fee you can order your drinks for the intervals before the show starts and your drink will be waiting for you at the start of the interval. Whilst everyone else is queuing to get a drink you can leisurely have your drink and chat to friends.

Combine dinner and theatre
Many theatres now have very good menus. You can arrive early and relax whilst having your meal before the show. Some theatre restaurants even let you have your desert and coffee in the interval which helps to avoid a crowded bar.

Do your homework
If you are watching a show that is complex or difficult to follow, for example an opera in Italian, then reading a synopsis of the show is helpful. Sometimes a brief outline is printed in the program. If you get to the theatre early then you can read this before the show starts. You can also use the Internet to find the story outline ... bet you hadn't thought of that one!

If you want to make someone you love, or just yourself, feel special then you can book a VIP package. You get the best seats, drinks, food and someone to see to your needs. You may also get to meet the cast or go backstage and complimentary gifts such as free programmes and brochures.

Go to the opening night of a major show
These tend to be special nights for guests of the producers and cast. Members of the public don't usually get in, particularly for West End shows, but if you get a kick out of mixing with the rich and famous then it's worth a go. Follow the tips on Buying tickets for the first night.

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