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With tourism becoming a major driving force for the economy, the global competition to attract travellers is increasing. That applies to the town of Northampton, too.

Being one of the nation's largest towns, not having become a city yet, Northampton has managed to provide accommodation for business travellers as well as holiday makers. Nightlife activities, restaurants and attractions in town are bringing much traffic.

Regardless of your purpose in Northampton, a business or leisure trip, you will need to find suitable accommodation. Booking into a hotel while knowing what to expect makes the difference between frustration and enjoyment. There is an intimate link between hotels and the entire holiday experience.

At UK Hotels, we give travelers objective and up-to-date information on the location of hotels and facilities available. You will find lodging which best suits your tastes and preferences, be it a luxury, a mid-

You can view our full list of hotels in Northampton or see a selection of:

View List of hotels in Northampton.