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FAQs about UK hotels

Here are some questions about choosing and staying in hotels around the UK. Please note we can not answer questions about specific hotels. If you have any questions about a particular hotel please contact them directly.

1. Why do some hotels show different symbols for the ratings?
Hotels may be graded by different authorities which have different criteria. To find out more please read our guide to UK Hotel grading.

2. Why don't all the hotels shown display symbols for the ratings?
Hotels supply their grading with other details. Some do not provide their grading possibly because they have not been graded yet. If in doubt please contact the hotel directly.

3. What types of room are available?
There are normally a a variety of bedroom types available:

  • Single: bedroom with one single bed in it.
  • Double: bedroom with one double bed in it.
  • Twin: bedroom with two single beds in it.
  • Family: there will be a number of beds. Normally this is for three people. If you need a room with more beds or a cot you should arrange this with the management before booking.

4. What do the bathroom facilities mean?
There are normally a a variety of bathroom types available:

  • En suite: the bathroom will be attached to the bedroom and will only be used by the guests staying in that bedroom.
  • Private: the bathroom may not be directly accessible from the bedroom but will be available only to the guests staying in that bedroom.
  • Shared: the bathroom will be shared by guests from a small number of bedrooms. In rooms that share a bathroom there will normally be a wash basin in the rooms.

5. What is the best time for checking In or Out?
You should always check your check in and check out times. A good time to aim for is:
Check-In 4.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Check-Out 8.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.

6. Is breakfast/dinner served?
Most places give you a choice of breakfast including English breakfast or a Continental breakfast. This may be included in the price or there may be an additional charge if you want breakfast.
Lunch or evening meal
Most hotels have a restaurant that serve meals. Smaller establishments may provide evening meals. Some of these need to be arranged in advance with the host.

7. Do I need to book a room in advance?
You may be able to get a room when you arrive at a hotel but in some cases, particularly in London where accommodation is in high demand, you may have difficulty. We recommend that you book early for popular destinations or when there is a major event at a city to make sure you get a reservation before the hotels become fully booked.

8. What types of accommodation qualify as hotels?
Accommodation listed here includes:

  • Country House Hotels offer peace and quiet and personal service
  • Townhouses are often located in towns and cities. Rooms are luxuriously furnished and room service is high quality
  • Hotel Groups and Consortia can be identified by their logo. Facilities and style of service are generally consistent throughout the group

9. What facilities are there for disabled visitors in the hotels?
This varies between hotels. Where this information is given to us we display it for the hotel's entry. To find out more please read our guide to UK Hotel accessibility.

10. Why are the contact details not listed for all the hotels?
Our directory of hotels is created from a number of sources, in order to give you the widest available choice. In those cases where the hotel owners simply want us to link to their own web site, the provision of contact details and booking facilities on their own site is up to them. In most cases we link to the on-line booking service of an agency. These agencies supply us with up to date hotel information, but as part of our contract they do not want us to display any contact details. The reason is simple - if you don't book through them and contact the hotel directly, they get no commission.