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Hazlewood Castle Hotel

Hazlewood Castle Hotel - Tadcaster Hazlewood Castle Hotel - Tadcaster Hazlewood Castle Hotel - Tadcaster Hazlewood Castle Hotel - Tadcaster

Hazlewood Castle Hotel,Tadcaster Information
Surrounded by beautiful, quiet parkland and gardens, Hazlewood Castle is a striking ancient building, thoughtfully restored and tastefully renovated to offer a distinct, different experience.
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Hazlewood Castle Hotel,Tadcaster
Hazlewood Castle Hotel,Tadcaster Address
Hazlewood Castle Hotel
Paradise Lane, Hazlewood
LS24 9NJ
Map and Directions
Restaurant Anise has a chic French ambiance with bistro-style cuisine throughout the day and into the night. Unique, modern, simplistic and chic, the style, image and colour are in dramatic contrast to the castle. With terrace seating, this stunning restaurant has everything you need for that perfect dining experience.
Open 7 days a week from 07:30 - 22:00, last orders for dinner are at 21:00. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The hotel also offers a cooking Masterclass, perfect for those who are passionate about cooking and enjoy joining in with some culinary fun for an afternoon. The class offers a 'hands on' cooking demonstration and an informative tutorial. Hazlewood Castle will supply each participant with a signature apron and the opportunity to enjoy a private tour of the castle. Simply arrive at 12:00 onwards for a 3-course luncheon and a glass of champagne served in Restaurant Anise (subject to availability).
Classes begin at 15:00 in the kitchens of Hazlewood Castle,concluding around 17:00 with cups of tea and cakes in Restaurant Anise.
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Visa,Maestro,American Express,MasterCard
Prices from £60