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Here is a list of books for Newcastle that you may find useful.

If you plan to travel to Newcastle you may be interested in some guide books and travel books that will help you plan your stay in Newcastle and to find your way around. Click on any book for more information or to buy.

Newcastle books: Maps

Newcastle (Pocket Guides)
Newcastle (Pocket Guides)

Price: £3.43

Publication: 11 Oct 2010

Newcastle (Pocket Guides)   Newcastle (Pocket Guides)

Newcastle books: History & Heritage

Tyneside: A History of Newcastle and Gateshead from Earliest Times
Tyneside: A History of Newcastle and Gateshead from Earliest Times

No one who has visited Tyneside can fail to feel the warmth of what is arguably one of the strongest regional identities in Britain. In the bustle and racket of the centre of Newcastle, on the quaysides of Gateshead and in the river towns, people chat, talk readily to strangers and show none of the deadpan, dystopian anonymity of other conurbations in Britain. And they are proud. Not strutting, precious or overblown to one another, but cheerfully proud of their coal-lit corner of the wind-battered North-east. The story of Tyneside offers good reason for the pungency of that pride. It is an epic story, an immense tale dating from the very beginnings of human society in Britain to the everyday dramas of the present age. Tyneside begins as early as historic records allow, starting with the pioneers who came to live in the North East after the end of the last ice age. Because of the sparseness of prehistory, the story of Tyneside starts out wide, taking in almost all of what is now Northumberland, scouring the ground for traces of how lives were lived 10,000 years ago. But thereafter the focus sharpens with the building of the Emperor's Bridge, the Pons Aelius, not far from where the High Level Bridge spans the river. The Romans left written records, names, lists and some opinions (not flattering) and many of them are revealed in this absorbing book. Once the geographical scope of this story settles, Tyneside moves into the centre of the narrative and stays there. And by Tyneside, the authors mean the riverside neighbourhoods comprising Blaydon, Newburn, Newcastle, Whickham, Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow, South Shields, North Shields and Tynemouth, though the story sometimes strays as far afield as places like Ponteland and Whitley Bay. Tyneside is the intriguing tale of a unique, magical and dynamic place and the remarkable people who made it.

Price: £16.51

Publication: October 7, 2005

Tyneside: A History of Newcastle and Gateshead from Earliest Times   Tyneside: A History of Newcastle and Gateshead from Earliest Times

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