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UK maps and street-maps

We receive regular requests for street maps, particularly from visitors who want a map to get around. We have put together this selection of maps sites to help you plan your route and find your way around. The sites allow you to enter the city name or post code to view a map of the area. All of these sites allow you to zoom in or out to get the level of details you want.

There is also the RAC Route Planner that help you plans your journey from the departure location to your destination and any stops in-between. Route Planner gives maps, directions, the time and distance of the journey.

uk street maps

Ordnance Survey
Britain's national mapping agency has some top quality maps as one would expect. You can also buy the maps if you want.

uk street maps
This is the map site we use ourselves. It is very detailed and easy to follow. The maps printed from this site are better than most of the mapping sites we have come across. Although this site is very good it does not cover Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

uk street maps

Google Maps
This is another top mapping site with UK and international maps. The details on the maps are very good. You can also display extra information on the maps such as football grounds etc.

Buy UK maps, Buy British maps

You could also buy maps from Amazon UK or Amazon US sites online.

uk street maps

Getmapping has created the most comprehensive and detailed aerial photographic record covering the UK, known as the Millennium Map. On their web site you can find a range of unique products using photography from the Millennium Map, including hardcopy prints.