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A Picture of Britain
A Picture of Britain

I have always loved painting and scenery. The connection between the British landscape seen by all of us with the naked eye and the same landscape seen through the eyes of artists, musicians and writers is fascinating. In A Picture of Britain I will be exploring these links and looking at their impact on our national character, seeking out the countryside we admire and the reasons we cherish it.? David Dimbleby Accompanying a major new BBC One series presented by David Dimbleby and an important exhibition at Tate Britain, A Picture of Britain is a celebration of the British landscape and the art that it has inspired, from Constable to Lowry, from Turner to Nash. Written by David Dimbleby and leading experts on British art from Tate, it is beautifully illustrated with landscape photography and great works of art. From the slopes of Snowdonia to the industrial Black Country. from the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands to the meadows of Suffolk, the British landscape has inspired artists and writers for generations. But the authors show that it is only in the last two hundred years, stirred by art and poetry, that large numbers of people have sought out and visited wilder and more rugged vistas. In paintings, photographs and words, this remarkable book captures our rich cultural heritage, creating for the reader A Picture of Britain.

Price: £13.99

Publication: May 24, 20

A Picture of Britain   A Picture of Britain

Britain's Best Museums and Galleries
Britain's Best Museums and Galleries

Price: £21.00

Publication: November 4, 2004

Britain's Best Museums and Galleries   Britain's Best Museums and Galleries

Treasures of Britain
Treasures of Britain

"Treasures of Britain" is a guide, written by experts, to the country's very best architecture, art and natural beauty. In over 2,000 alphabetical entries, a prestigious team of contributors describes the rich heritage of mediaeval churches and cathedrals, historic houses and castles, outstanding museums and galleries, stunning gardens and superb scenery. You will find Penelope Hobhouse's selection of the best gardens; Simon Jenkins's descriptions of the most spectacular and unusual churches; John Julius Norwich's guide to the most interesting country houses and castles; Colin Amery's explanation of the development of British architecture; and Giles Waterfield's views on the country's art. Authors from English Heritage, the National Trust, Historic Scotland and the Georgian Group describe the highlights of their areas, and guide you to the most interesting features of towns and cities. Each entry supplies the historical background to its subject: the architects, founders and famous residents, the provenance of art collections and the designers of gardens. The authors draw attention to details that might otherwise have been missed: a unique carved church font; an exquisite painting in a country house; a well-hidden priest hole; an unparalleled collection of porcelain; or an extraordinary rose garden. The book is lavishly illustrated with over 2,000 photographs from renowned photographers, English Heritage, the National Trust and Historic Houses Association, and a clear map section guides you from one site to the next. This volume is a useful source of information on Britain's art, architecture and countryside. "Treasures of Britain" should inspire you to visit areas you've never been to before, and inform you about hidden masterpieces that may be just around the corner.

Price: £35.00

Publication: October 1, 2002

Treasures of Britain   Treasures of Britain

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