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London Theatres

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To view the West End theatres, at a glance, please see the West End theatres page.

Cadogan Hall information Cadogan Hall

Cambridge Theatre information Cambridge Theatre

Camden Arts Centre information Camden Arts Centre

Camden People's Theatre information Camden People's Theatre

Canada Water Culture Space information Canada Water Culture Space - No events listed

Canal Cafe Theatre information Canal Cafe Theatre

Cervantes Theatre information Cervantes Theatre - No events listed

Charing Cross Theatre  (formerly the New Players Theatre) information Charing Cross Theatre (formerly the New Players Theatre)

Charles Cryer Theatre information Charles Cryer Theatre - No events listed

Chats Palace Art Centre information Chats Palace Art Centre - No events listed

Chelsea Theatre information Chelsea Theatre

Chickenshed Theatre information Chickenshed Theatre

Chisenhale Dance Space information Chisenhale Dance Space - No events listed

Churchill Theatre information Churchill Theatre

Cochrane Theatre information Cochrane Theatre - No events listed

Cock Tavern Theatre information Cock Tavern Theatre - No events listed

Cockpit Theatre information Cockpit Theatre

Colour House Theatre information Colour House Theatre

Compass Theatre information Compass Theatre

  • Cinderella 1st December 2017 to 30th December 2017

Conway Hall information Conway Hall

Coronet Theatre information Coronet Theatre

Courtyard Theatre information Courtyard Theatre - No events listed

Courtyard Theatre (Chipstead) information Courtyard Theatre (Chipstead) - No events listed

Criterion Theatre information Criterion Theatre

Croydon Clocktower information Croydon Clocktower - No events listed

Details for contacting the theatres are listed on the relevant page, or you can find the details of major London theatres on the London theatres at a glance page.