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About Brit Info Net

Brit Info Net (British Information Net) is a central source of information and communication for (and written by) local people, established in 2000.

Between the opening of our Internet Café, in April 1998, and its closure we have introduced hundreds of people of all ages to the Internet. This has given us considerable experience of how users access information and what people want from a local web site. The original aim of Brit Info Net was to provide a network of sites that promote exchange of information across Britain.

Brit Info Net developed as a response to these local needs:

  • City residents need information on local services and events which:
    • is a central information source
    • has a strong community focus - facilities for local organisations, charities, etc.
  • Topical Guides to locations around Britain for tourists, businesses, students.
  • Directory enables quick and easy search for local services.

We intend to make this site more than a collection of links or an on-line catalogue. It is designed to perform a multitude of tasks and become a central source of information and communication. If you have any suggestions or comments please let us know so that we can improve it.

Brit Info Net is the registered domain and property of
189 Cartmell Road
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom
S8 0NN