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Brits in the Know Recognise Online Glasses Reglazing Saves Up to 80%!

If you wear glasses in the U.K. you are likely to believe three things:

  • Glasses are expensive.
  • Frames and lenses should be purchased where you had your eyes examined.
  • If your lenses break, you need to get entirely new glasses.

Brits are beginning to recognise that all three are false.

First, new online resources have greatly reduced the price of prescription glasses. Prices have dramatically fallen, and the mystery about buying glasses is being lifted. Secondly, you can have your eyes examined and request your prescription in writing. You do not have to get your frames and lenses where your eyes were tested. Finally, if your lenses break, you don't need to get new glasses. Prescription glasses reglazing online is becoming increasingly more popular, essentially allowing you, the consumer, to keep your favourite frames longer by having the lenses replaced.

The trend to have glasses reglazed by an inexpensive online provider has become a popular one. The Mirror covered a story on the trend that showed consumers how much they can save. The article warned "Don't be fooled into thinking your frame is not suitable for reglazing because a high-street optician has said so." It reminds consumers of getting a copy of their prescription and shopping online. The article compares two online resources with two high street resources.

The trend continues to gain momentum, and not just for reglazing. Online resources can also offer significant savings on new glasses as well. Find out what more of your neighbours, friends and family already know. Getting prescription glasses reglazed online can save you money.