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Wedding insurance is important when planning your wedding. With the average cost of a Church or formal wedding in the UK of £18,000, it's not surprising that wedding insurance has grown in popularity.

Wedding costs have risen considerably over the past decade, which has contributed to the number of weddings declining in recent years. Wedding Insurance helps to protect both parties against the unlikely financial loss.

Wedding insurance may sound like a negative, as it implies things will go wrong or, at worst, even be cancelled. Whilst these problems are unlikely, they are still possible, with the loss of deposits on various bookings for church, cars, venue, dress, etc., easily running into thousands of pounds. Wedding Insurance is there to help you.

This is not a negative but it's a fact that, regrettably, with all the best laid plans things don't always go to plan. Circumstances can take over, leading to the wedding being cancelled, which are outside of either the bride's or groom's control. With the cost of planning a wedding costing on average £18,000 it makes economic sense to protect that large investment with a low cost wedding insurance policy. This will enable you to insure against the unforeseen problems that could lead to substantial financial loss and possible hardships.

Your wedding day is a very special day with months of planning going into the event to celebrate the marriage of 2 people in love. You want your wedding to be perfect in every detail. Wedding insurance is a small investment to protect your plans and to protect your pocket. With so many events to organise it's possible that things may go wrong. For example, what if:

  • Your wedding dress is ruined the day before the wedding?
  • The photographer has a mishap on the day and doesn't arrive or his equipment fails? A close member of the family becomes seriously ill?
  • Either the groom or bride is involved in an accident?
  • The wedding venue is struck by fire the night before?

Terrible as it sounds, whilst unlikely these disasters sound, they can happen, or even a compound of several are still possible, and certainly all of them are outside of your control. That's where wedding insurance can help alleviate the financial impact if nothing else.

Situations can occur with the failure of the catering company to perform their duties, or the wedding cake being dropped, the wedding rings might be lost prior to the ceremony, or a member of the bridal party could suffer an injury, or a member of the public could be injured and they make a claim against you. That's where wedding insurance can protect you.

Wedding insurance can at least provide you with financial compensation in the event of such disasters befalling your special day, so that you can recover from the loss and re-plan your ceremony for another day. Wedding insurance can also provide you with third party liability and legal representation to assist you and to protect you against claims by third parties.

Wedding insurance can provide that peace of mind from as little as £50 to £200 depending upon the cover required. Wedding insurance can also offer honeymoon cover to insure against a disappointment of the honeymoon not meeting your expectations.

Wedding insurance should be part of the wedding planning regime and is a small expense for the peace of mind provided and should be considered once a wedding is definitely agreed upon. Wedding insurance can provide cover for weddings carried out in the UK or abroad and cover can be from £3,000 to £30,000 protection for a modest premium. No matter how much your wedding will cost, it's certainly worth protecting with wedding insurance