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This section lists a selection of different types of Online Insurance to help you find the insurance you are looking for online.

We have compiled a list of online insurance guides for you to use in your research. We hope that you find them of interest as you search for your chosen online insurance product.

You should also check out our guides in the Travel Insurance and property insurance sections for more information on these types of insurance.

Insurance has truly transferred to the web with hundreds of insurers, including all the household names like Norwich Union, More Than, Direct Line, Saga, Cornhill and Supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Kwik Fit, now offering insurance policies online.

One category of insurance that has really exploded is car insurance. There are now many new online car insurers, such as Admiral, Elephant, Quinn Direct, Diamond, Sheila's Wheels, to name only a few, who are offering insurance websites to attract the web searcher with lower priced rates of insurance. These new branded websites have been designed with bright colours, simple navigation and innovative and relaxed styles, including cartoon imagery such as animals and mice, to make the experience of booking online insurance a fun process.

These new insurance companies offering online insurance are mostly owned by the traditional leading insurance companies who are seeking out a new web market user. By using imaginative TV and ad campaigns, they are attracting the younger web user with catchy lines to present a more friendly face to the insurance online searcher who owns a car.

Traditionally, insurance companies were rather stuffy and old fashioned, but the web has changed that image for ever. Initially it was the small independent insurance brokers that took to the web to attract customers, but the larger insurance companies soon caught on to this trend. These insurance companies offering online policies for their agents and brokers quickly realised that policy holders would actually use the web to search for alternative quotes and be prepared to book online to buy a policy directly, thus cutting out the broker and middle man.

Online insurance sold online was originally the smaller cost policies, such as travel insurance and pet insurance, as the financial risk was low. The advent of e-commerce gave the internet user the facility to actually book online and receive a policy instantaneously. As an insurance policy is only a piece of paper, consisting of a cover note and policy wording, it was easy for websites to provide fulfilment once payment was made, as the policy holder could print these out immediately, with no more waiting to receive them in the post. Online insurance started to gain popularity around 1997 and over the past decade has been transformed into a highly competitive online insurance market place, mainly dominated by the insurance companies who have vast sums of money to invest in their web marketing strategy.

This has led to a meteoric growth in the number of online insurance websites now offering a myriad of insurance policies online, including home insurance, health insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and more expensive policies such as income protection, critical illness, mortgage protection, loans and other financial services and products all available online.

Online insurance has come of age and, with so many types of insurance available online and so many insurance companies vying for your business, it has led to the advent of numerous comparison insurance websites that can compare the online insurance companies' policies in one place. The only word of caution that must be made clear is that many of these so called 'independent insurance comparison' websites are actually agents and middle men offering their own deals agreed with insurance companies, which, remarkably seem to be often the best value or cheapest policy offered online. So it really pays to check out the small print and carefully read the policy benefits and even take independent advice from several brokers before you make a decision.

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You can find the contact details for a number of local insurance companies from the list below.

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