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Pet Travel Insurance

Recent changes in government legislation, in line with a European agreement, have seen the introduction of the 'Passport for Pets' scheme. This now enables you to take your beloved pet with you on holiday to any one of the countries that has agreed to the passport for pets scheme.

Pet travel insurance works in a similar way to human travel insurance and is available for single trips or on an annual multi trip basis if you are lucky enough to travel abroad more than once a year.

Pet travel insurance scheme extends to cover only domestic cats and dogs and currently operates within the 25 plus countries who the British Government have signed up to the pet travel scheme. This includes all of the European countries within the European Union that have agreed to this treaty of pet travel.

Pet travel insurance means you no longer have to pay for the expense of boarding kennels for your dog or cat. They can accompany you and your family on your holiday and return to the UK without the need for 6 months quarantine.

Pet travel insurance will provide the essential protection for your pet and your pocket in case of any medical problems with your pet or unexpected accidents that might occur. Pet travel insurance will pay for veterinary bills overseas and any essential pet medical treatment required. Pet travel insurance also covers you loss of your pet in case it is stolen.

A series of specialist pet insurers are now offering a range of pet travel insurance policies available for single pet travel trips and for those lucky pets which can travel on multiple trips throughout the year.

Pet travel insurance is sold as a stand alone product and is totally separate to your family travel insurance. So, before you rush down to your local travel agent and book your holiday, make sure you check out the pet travel policies' exclusions and benefits and, most importantly, the countries you can travel to before you assume you can take your beloved dog or cat.

Pet travel Insurance does impose some limits and exclusions and you should study these options prior to choosing a holiday venue. Pet travel insurance will only cover certain dogs and cats and up to certain age limits.

Typically pet travel insurance will pay for unexpected veterinary bills for consultations, x-rays, injections, medications, exploratory examinations, tests and surgical treatments.

Remember that, like all types of travel insurance, you are liable for the initial excess of any claim. This is the part of the claim that you have to pay for up to the amount the insurance company will continue to pay from. All claims must be authorised prior to the commencement of treatment and you may have to pay out on certain claims with certain providers and be reimbursed upon your return to the UK.

Like human travel insurance, pet travel insurance can be taken out at short notice provided you have first checked that the pet travel insurer covers the country you are travelling to. To obtain a quote you will need to have the dates of travel.