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Breakdown Cover Insurance

Car breakdown insurance is more than ever a popular form of insurance to protect your car and your journeys against unexpected mechanical failure and being stranded when your car breaks down.

This is despite the fact that modern cars are more reliable than ever. The number of cars on the British roads now exceeds 26 million and when your car breaks down the inconvenience can be considerable. The roads are becoming increasingly busier with more journeys being made every day, as we all seem to be leading a much busier life.

Car breakdown insurance is designed to offer a number of services from road side repairs to home start and recovery. The majority of cars break down during the winter months when the car is under more pressure to perform in adverse weather conditions.

There are some sensible precautions you can take to help prevent the likelihood of breakdown, such as carrying a spare can of petrol or diesel as well as ensuring your vehicle is serviced regularly. Despite these obvious precautions we all tend to take our car for granted and expect the car to be there for us on every journey. Regrettably our cars are not invincible and will invariably go wrong from time to time without warning.

Car breakdown insurance can offer that peace of mind protection to know, in the event of mechanical failure or breakdown, we can make a call to receive help and obtain some roadside help to hopefully solve the problem, take you and your car and passengers on to your intended destination or to a nearest approved garage for repairs or back home.

Car breakdown insurance comes in a range of services and prices and is well worth the investment to ensure you can receive roadside rescue and repair should you ever need it.

The different types of road rescue are basically:

  • Roadside Rescue;
  • Roadside Rescue & Home Rescue;
  • Roadside Rescue & Home Rescue plus;
  • International Rescue [EU only].

Basic roadside rescue will offer a roadside mechanic to attend to your vehicle to offer assistance and to repair your car or to tow your car to the nearest garage.

Roadside rescue and home rescue is the same as above with the added feature of coming to your home to provide mechanical repairs to get your car going.

Roadside rescue & home rescue plus is all of the above with the added features of a hire car to enable you to return home or to continue your journey whilst your own car is either taken to a garage for repairs or taken home. Or you can receive reimbursement for alternative transport taken to complete your onward journey or for you and your passengers to return home, as you prefer. Alternatively, it may cover for hotel accommodation while your car is being repaired locally.

European car breakdown insurance extends the protection to cover you should you frequently travel within Europe. European car breakdown insurance cover will provide protection if your car is stolen and will provide the costs for your return journey home, or, if you break down and it cannot be repaired locally, will pay for the return of your vehicle. The most extensive car breakdown insurance also covers you for legal costs.

As with all other types of insurance, some car breakdown insurers offer different benefits and exclusions which you should check carefully before you decide upon your chosen car breakdown insurance policy.