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UK Swimming/Water sports Hotels

Swimming and Water Sports are part of the UK's way of life as they are mainly an indoor activity. Swimming is one of the activities encouraged at a very early age in school and hopefully continued throughout life. Swimming is a great all round activity for fitness and a fantastic aerobic exercise. Many other water sports are now played such as water volley ball and a myriad of outdoor water sports such as Kayaking, Surfing, White Water Rafting, Canoeing and Diving to name a few. To find out more about the choice of Swimming and Water Sports facilities at any of the hotels listed on this site, please check the details on the individual hotel's page.

Swimming and Water sports are widespread throughout the UK and especially around coastal regions, rivers and for those less adventurous the indoor locations. You should always check the hotels and find out more about their facilities before you book to make sure you are aware of what facilities are on offer before you book your hotel rooms.