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UK Horse Riding Hotels

Horse Riding and Equestrian Activity holidays are part of the English culture as our love affair with the horse goes back for centuries much longer than the cowboys of the wild west, we have been riding horses for thousands of years for mainly travelling, farming and battle and now we have developed a passion for horse riding sports, horse jumping and equestrian sports. There are many hotels and locations around the UK offering horse riding and equestrian activities from the beginner to the experienced. Make sure you check the details of all facilities offered by each hotel before booking your rooms.

Horse Riding and Equestrian Activity Holidays can be found in virtually every county in the UK offering the widest choice of activities to suit all budgets and needs. Horse riding breaks or holidays are available for all members of the family from escorted riding courses to free riding areas. If you're looking for a horse riding and Equestrian activity holiday please make sure you check the details carefully before booking your hotel rooms.