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Wedding Florist

Crucial to your wedding plans and the smooth running of the event is your selection of wedding florist. A good way of helping decide would be to ask recently-wed relatives and friends for their opinion of the florist they used.

Images of Flowers from a Wedding Florist

It would be highly risky not to use a professional as their knowledge and experience should make a big difference. Of course you don't have to use the services of someone who has been recommended, visit a few businesses's and see who impresses you the most. Perhaps someone else's taste is not the same as your own so don't feel compelled to follow any recommendations.

Before visiting the wedding florist-

  • Browse wedding web sites (see our links) and magazines for ideas.
  • It would be useful to take pictures of which floral design and styles you like and don't like with you.
  • Have an idea about the colours you'd like the florist to use.
  • Which type of flowers do you like and dislike?
  • Prepare information about other aspects of the wedding - take pictures, sketches, fabric samples etc.
  • Have an idea of any design you'd like to follow like traditional or non-traditional.

Take anything that would help the florist understand what you have in mind. This could save a lot of time and misunderstandings in the future and it can help your day become perfect.

  • Think of important questions to ask the florist - do they have photos of previous events to show you?
  • Consider your budget - will the florists charge for any 'extras' (delivery, tax, rent or buy certain things)?
  • Try and arrange an appointment with the lead designer

From bespoke hand made to low cost cheap flower arrangements - Please check out these wedding flowers.