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Birthday flowers to send as a present for birthdays

Birthday Flowers are always appreciated. Even if you are giving someone a gift for their birthday, giving them flowers makes them feel even more special. It is very difficult to choose the best birthday flowers for people. Their character, your relationship and your budget all have to be taken into consideration. Hopefully we can give you a few tips on selecting the best birthday flowers.

Birthday flowers

Birthday flowers for Ladies
Women love flowers and nothing says "I love you" better than flowers on their birthday. Choosing the right flowers can say a lot about how you feel about them.

For the traditional lady's birthday, a classic floral bouquet is the perfect gift. For the more adventurous lady's birthday, send a bouquet of exotic blooms. For the lady's birthday who has a good sense of humour and is prone to being impulsive, send an unconventional bouquet, like a hardy bunch of bright, robust sunflowers or a playful flower and stuffed animal combination. For the lady's birthday who likes attention, send a floral arrangement with a vase and balloon, so it is clear to everyone that it is her birthday. Or send a plant and fruit basket combination to share with friends. However, if the lady is the opposite and likes the quieter life, for her birthday, send the quiet beauty of an orchid or the earthy richness of a planted garden. In fact, orchids are flowers which symbolise beauty and refinement, and are also a versatile flower that last a long time, and so they are ideal for birthdays.

Birthday flowers for Men
Men love flowers and giving them birthday flowers will certainly make them feel special. Depending on his personality you could opt for elegant, delicate flowers or go for solid, vivid colours. For the practical man's birthday, send flowers with a gift that he can enjoy when the flowers have gone. Or you could send a plant which needs minimal care and is long-lasting for his birthday.

Birthday flowers for Children
For the birthdays of children in your life, choose a floral arrangement with a gift they can enjoy after the flowers have wilted, such as a fancy mug, or a cuddly toy, and always remember the birthday balloon.

Colour of birthday flowers
If you are not sure about the colour of flowers to choose, choose a colour that matches their birthday. Different coloured flowers are also used to signify the month that you were born in, as follows:
January's flower colour is white;
February's flower colour is violet;
March's flower colour is yellow;
April's flower colour is pink;
May's flower colour is white;
June's flower colour is red;
July's flower colour is pink;
August's flower colour is yellow;
September's flower colour is purple;
October's flower colour is orange;
November's flower colour is yellow;
December's flower colour is white.

Meaning of birthday flowers
Different types of flowers represent the month that you were born in, with a meaning to each flower, as follows:

  • January's flower is a carnation or a snowdrop, which signify fascination;
  • February's flower is an iris, a violet or a primrose, which signify faithfulness and virtue;
  • March's flower is a daffodil or a jonquil, which signify desire and affection;
  • April's flower is a daisy or a sweetpea, which signify blissful pleasure;
  • May's flower is a lily, a lily of the valley or a hawthorn, which signify sweetness, purity and humility;
  • June's flower is a rose or a honeysuckle, which signify love and happiness;
  • July's flower is a larkspur or a water lily, which signify lightness and ardent attachment;
  • August's flower is a gladiola, a poppy or a gladiolus, which signify imagination, sincerity and splendid beauty;
  • September's flower is an aster or a morning glory, which signify elegance and affection;
  • October's flower is a calendula or a cosmos, which signify joy, modesty, grief or jealousy;
  • November's flower is a chrysanthemum, which signifies optimism and cheerfulness;
  • December's flower is a narcissus or a holly, which signify formality, good will and conceit.