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Bath Holiday Cottages

Your Bath holiday cottage adventure awaits.

Without question Bath must be one of the most beautiful cities in Great Britain to visit and enjoy your holiday cottage location.

Bath is located on the banks of the river Avon in the county of Avon in the west county of England. It is just over 100 miles from London and is world renowned for its unique Roman heritage and the Roman Baths legacy. Formerly called Aqua Sulis (The Spa town of Sul Minerva), this wonderful city first started out as a Roman trading centre and was made popular by the Roman development of the existing natural hot springs that emanated from mother earth.

The origin of the healing baths is the hot mineral spring that exudes from a reservoir at 117deg. F. The legend of the Bath hot springs were sealed with the healing of the prince Bladud, a leper, and the healing powers stretch back over 2000 years.

The Romans constructed elaborate enclosed hot spring baths which can still be seen, although the roof has long gone. It was Roman custom to take of the waters which have healing and therapeutic powers and the Bath Spa became a popular meeting place for Roman dignitaries. It was available to all wealthy and merchant Roman citizens, probably much to the bemusement of the local English and Celtic occupants.

The Romans, who invaded Britain in AD43, were quick to exploit the healing properties of the natural hot spring and with their far advanced engineering skills they embarked upon a development programme on the site named Aqua Sulis. This included a Temple and a health hydro, which incorporated bathing pools, saunas, exercise baths, cold plunge pools and Turkish baths. The development of the Roman bath complex was an ongoing process stretching over four centuries.

The baths were dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva, and Bath was one of the most sought-after retirement places in Roman Britain. The surrounding area was like a retirement village containing country villas and several temples. Bath has been described as one of Europe's most beautiful and elegant cities and visitors can see why.

Some Must see attractions for your Bath Cottage Holiday
Roman Baths, Hot Springs, The Abbey, The Royal Crescent, Museum of Costume, Sally Lunn's Refreshment house and Museum, Jane Austen Centre, Bath Museum, Standing Stones of Stanton Drew, Bath Aqua Theatre of Glass, Holborne Museum of Art, Pulteney Bridge and Horse Drawn Guided Tours.

Some must see attractions around Bath
Stonehenge, the Cotswolds and Bristol.

Bath cottage holidays will be a unique mixture of ancient Roman history and Georgian architecture, made famous by the architect Beau Nash who transformed the city to become Britain's premier Georgian spa town, with sweeping Georgian terraces and architecture constructed with Cotswold stone. Cottage holidays in and around the fabulous city of Bath are like stepping back in time. Bath itself is set in a saucer-shaped geography and, if you stay on the rim of the saucer, you will enjoy wonderful views across the city all surrounded by rolling Somerset countryside.

A cottage holiday in Bath will enable you and your family to stroll around this compact city on foot and enjoy the diversity of independent shops and restaurants, theatres, pubs and romantic horse drawn guided city tours.

The Bath Royal Crescent is one of the city's most elegant sweeping architectural beauties consisting of 30 houses built into a 200 metre arc. The royal crescent is described as the finest example of Palladian style in Europe and its hill top location offers unrivalled views. The most famous occupant in the crescent was the Duke of York in 1796 and his family descendents still retain ownership today.

A word of advice - as this city is frequented by virtually every American or Japanese visitor, the warning would be the crowds during peak months such as August, when queues will be long, especially for the main attractions. You must appreciate the popularity of this great city, which is earmarked as a must see for all foreign tourists.

If you take your car on your cottage holiday you can avoid the crowds by enjoying the beautiful countryside and take day trips to stunning stately homes and gardens, and unique attractions such as Stonehenge, the Cotswolds and Bristol with its wealth of maritime history.

The Roman occupation of Britain started in 43BC and lasted almost a staggering 500 years to AD410. Once the Romans had departed, the glorious structures, organised streets, under floor heating, irrigation systems and well kept roads fell into decline and obscurity. It wasn't until Victorian excavations during 1860, some 1450 years later, that the splendour of the roman baths was re discovered and turned into a Victorian tourist attraction to 'take the waters'.

Bath City took an exciting turn during the life and times of Beau Nash, the famous resident architect, who transformed Bath's decline with Georgian palisades, sweeping terraces, wide pavements, streets of elegant town houses and revitalised Bath's fortune as a popular city to live in once again.

The construction of theatres, hotels and concert rooms recreated Bath's fashionable popularity until cities such as Brighton came along. Bath city has approximately 5,000 listed buildings because of their architectural interest and merit. You will experience a wealth of architectural splendor around virtually every corner as you stroll around Bath, which will reveal a treasure trove of interest and delight.

A Bath city holiday cottage is truly an adventure for all ages and for all tastes. If you stay within the city boundaries you need to be reasonably fit as there are some steep hills, unless you located in the city centre. A Bath holiday cottage on the edge of the rim will require a car to get around.

If you love your food then a holiday cottage in Bath will be a gastronomic delight as Bath is settled in the heart of England's most productive farmland and on the edge of the organic movement. Cheddar Cheese, the Bath Bun, the Sally Lunn Bun, and Dr Oliver's Biscuits, to name just a few, are local delicacies. Bath City boasts Michelin-starred and award-winning restaurants, catering for all tastes and budgets, from fine dining to informal, great value, bistro and café food as well as hearty pub grub. You truly are spoilt for choice for international cuisine to British and European food.

Bath city has more than its fair share of old world tea rooms, none more famous than the elegant surrounds of the Pump room. Whilst you enjoy your traditional English afternoon tea you can be entertained by a pump room trio.

A Bath holiday cottage is an experience that all the family will remember so come on down and take the waters and enjoy the elegant splendour of Britain's glorious Bath City and book your next holiday cottage in Bath.