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  4. Concrete Clouds (Pavang rak)

UK film classification.htm  Concrete Clouds (Pavang rak)

It is 1997. Bangkok is in the grip of the Asian financial crisis. Mutt, a currency trader in New York, is forced to make a hasty return home to Bangkok after his father commits suicide. Following the funeral, he decides to track down Sai, his old girlfriend from high school. Meanwhile his younger brother Nic is in love with Poupee, who lives in a low-income flat behind their townhouse. While the economic crisis looms over the city, both relationships face uncertainty, complicated by time, circumstance and memory. As they drift between the past and the present, between dreams and reality, their only escape is in a collage of love songs, music videos and recorded memories. But can these alone hold their relationships together in the face of the harsh realities of a mid-financial crisis Bangkok? A film about love, time, dreams and memories.

99 Minutes
drug use, strong sex references, suicide scene

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