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UK Film Classification

Films shown in UK cinemas, or sold as Videos or DVDs must be given a rating by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) who assign each film a rating to help viewers decide whether a film is suitable for them or their children. There are a number of criteria involved in deciding the classification for a film such as: Theme, Language, Nudity, Sex, Violence, Imitable techniques, Horror and Drugs. For a detailed explanation of these criteria and the rating system please check the BBFC's web site. We have included a brief summary of the ratings below.

There are occasionally extra cautionary notes added to a film to help parents or guardians decide on the suitability of a film.

'U' (Universal) - Suitable for All
Suitable for everyone. May not be suitable for very young children.
'PG' (Parental Guidance)
General Viewing, But Some Scenes May Be Unsuitable for Young Children
Suitable Only for Persons of Twelve Years and Over
Suitable Only for Persons of Twelve Years and Over.
This classification was introduced in 2002 and means that children under 12 may watch this film, if accompanied by an adult throughout the film.
Suitable Only for Persons of Fifteen Years and Over
Suitable Only for Persons of Eighteen Years and Over
'TBC' or 'Unclassified'
This is NOT an official rating. Some of the films listed may not have been given a rating at the time we added them to the listings. Some of the cinemas do not provide a rating for films that are shown occasionally, such as art films, international films and documentaries. In such cases you can always search for the film on the BBFC's web site to find out the rating. This also applies to live events which are not normally given a BBFC rating.