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UK film classification.htm  The Gunman

A sniper for a mercenary team, working for an unknown client, is used to assassinate the minister of mines of the Congo. Terrier's (Sean Penn's) successful kill shot forces him to go into hiding to protect identities of the team. This includes abruptly abandoning his girlfriend who has no idea what is going on. The assassination, paid for by a foreign mining company, triggers wide spread chaos and death in an already inflamed Congo. Terrier returns to the Congo years later working for an NGO, but eventually finds himself to be the target of a paid hit squad somehow connected to the ministers assassination. This leads to immediate deaths and endangerment of the people working around him, and forces him back into hiding. In trying to discover who has put a price on his head, he begins to reconnect to the members of his old assassination team, and to his old girlfriend. Suffering from accumulated physical brain damage from the hard knocks of his lifestyle, and suffering no delusions of his or his colleague's innocence, he always knows there is no real path to redemption. But unexpectedly, given the time that has elapsed, his reconnection to his old hit team exposes new intrigues and immediately leads to the deadly consequences that his days in hiding were intended to prevent.

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