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UK film classification.htm  Vellaikaara Durai

Murugan (Vikram Prabhu) and Police Pandi (Soori) borrows money from Vatti Varadhan (John Vijay) in order to invest in real estate business but to their bad luck the broker cheat them by selling a burial ground. Now both Murugan and Police Pandi are detained by Varadhan. Meantime, Murugan falls in love with Yamuna (Sri Divya) who is soon to be married by Varadhan. Initially Murugan thinks that Yamuna is Varadhan's sister but at one point of time he comes to know the truth. Yamuna is opposed to this wedding and she is finding ways to escape out of the house. The rest of the plot is whether Murugan marries Yamuna or not ?

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