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UK film classification.htm  Kajaki

A platoon from the 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment is dug into a ridge in Kajaki, Helmand. A sniper patrol sets out to disperse a Taliban roadblock. On route to the road block, in a dried out river bed at the foot of the ridge, LCpl Stuart Hale detonates a land mine, losing his leg. Cpl Mark Wright is a mile away when he hears the explosion. He quickly forms a patrol and they run down the steep hill to help. They go to LCpl Hale's side knowing the potential danger they are in. They begin prodding the ground, clearing a path away from the casualty, to an area where a helicopter could land, then carry Hale on a stretcher to the landing site. Cpl Stuart Pearson turns back along the cleared path. As he bends down to pick up a water container, there is another explosion. Pearson is only four or five yards away but any efforts by the patrol to reach him would risk another explosion. Cpl Pearson applies a tourniquet and doses himself with morphine while they wait for the helicopter.

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