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UK film classification.htm  D'Arusha Arusha

To return to Rwanda, less to hear horror stories, than to listen to the subsequent words, to hear the words of justice, to try to go back to the sources of this massacre with a million victims. On the one hand, clips from the archives of the trail of the International Penal Tribune for Rwanda (TIPR), set up in Arusha, in Tanzania since 1994. Diverse accused persons involved in the genocide are heard here. Théoneste Bagosara, for example, retired colonel from the Armed Rwandan Forces and supposed mastermind of the genocide, whose defense lasted twelve years after his arrest. Or Georges Ruggiu, the ex-Belgian teacher lost in Kigali, zealous propagandist of the massacre heard over the radio station, Free Radio Television station of Mille Collines. Judges and lawyers debate the charges, the idea that it was all planned, responsibilities, while the prosecutor explains his difficulties in conducting his inquiry...

113 Minutes

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