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UK film classification.htm  Yangin Var

The city of Diyarbakir gives a fire engine as a gift to the town of Cayirbagi in the province of Trabzon. Kosman the firefighter has the duty of bringing home to the Turkish province of Trabzon the gift from a Kurdish city, Diyarbakir: a fire engine. Yet, as a nationalist, he is unwilling to travel to the Kurdish city due to his ideological sentiments. Ultimately, this sweet man from the Black Sea region finds himself in Diyarbakir on a hot summer day. When he begins the road trip back home on the fire engine, he is accompanied by a mysterious guest; he encounters stunningly beautiful natural scenery; and ahead of him lays a long way to go and an unusual adventure. Kosman's whole life changes as a result of a return trip filled with bombs, love, violence, sorrow and laughter.

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