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To young Scotsman Keir Kilgour, the pursuit of rugby stardom is a defiant yet deferential quest for the love and respect of his legendary, old school father. When the crushing expectations of father, fans and self produce a spectacular flame out in a big match, Keir flees his rugby background in a delusional quest for redemption on the bigger stage of professional football (gridiron). When the bubble of his rash, ill planned "big money" professional aspirations bursts, Keir - demoralized, broke but too proud to return home - stumbles upon an unlikely savior, the Kansas City Wanderers, a failing second division rugby club, a motley collection of weekend warriors and the ultimate in amateur. After jarring and comic doses of humility, Keir discovers the true currency of the game, the teammates that regardless of skill and aspiration come back for more each and every weekend. As the Wanderers feed off Keir's renewed approach, they propel him homeward to face the music...

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