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UK film classification.htm  Made in Jamaica

A portrait that unveils the leaders of the reggae music movement while showing how reggae has become a worldwide phenomenon. The chronicle includes showcase performances by the top reggae and dance hall artists in the business. Historically, reggae music sprang into life in the '70s. It was the first time that a third world country had made its voice heard on such a large scale. Instantly recognizable, the reggae sound is a celebration of life itself. Now a new generation of reggae artists has emerged and its fathers are still in Jamaica. But along with the Jamaican music, there has often been trouble in the dance. At the dancehalls, respect is threatened, tempers flare and then gunshots. That was the sadly familiar story of Bogle, the now-legendary figure who invented the dance bearing his name. His funeral was a ghetto-spectacular affair, attracting three generations of reggae and dancehall superstars.

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