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UK film classification.htm  Jungle Book 2, The

Mowgli lives in his new man village, but he misses his pal Baloo who likewise pines for his man cub. Restless Mowgli decides to return to the free atmosphere of jungle life. He leaves behind his new girlfriend, Shanti, who's afraid of the dangerous wild animals Mowgli is used to roaming around with in the village. Once there, Mowgli's old nemesis, a tiger named Shere Khan, is out for revenge, and it's up to old friends like Baloo and others to help Mowgli avoid Kahn's lethal claws.

72 Minutes
Carter Crocker & Karl Geurs
Steve Trenbirth
Anders Bystrm, Phil Collins, Jim Cummings, Connor Funk, John Goodman, Tony Jay, Bob Joles, Haley Joel Osment, David Ogden Stiers, Mae Whitman
Contains mild peril

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