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UK film classification.htm  Musketeer, The

In 17th century Paris, a dashing swordsman named D'Artagnan finds himself at odds with the powerful forces taking over France. As he sets out to avenge the murder of his parents, he finds his country cleaved by chaos and civil unrest. D'Artagnan's heart softens only for Francesca, a fiery peasant girl who claims his heart on sight.

105 Minutes
Alexandre Dumas pre, Gene Quintano
Peter Hyams
Catherine Deneuve, Justin Chambers, Mena Suvari, Stephen Rea, Tim Roth, Daniel Mesguich, Nick Moran, Steven Spiers, Jan Gregor Kremp, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Bill Treacher, David Schofield, Tsilla Chelton, Jeremy Clyde, Michael Byrne
Contains mild violence and innuendo
Drama, Action/Adventure

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