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Male and Female Divide When Buying Cars

When it comes to buying a second-hand car there are still evident differences in the way in which the male and female will buy their car and the purchase decision process that they make.

Both male and females are concerned about paying more than they should and also consider the business of buying a second hand car quite a risky business. However when it comes to safety issues it is the women who are the ones that were quick to identify it as their main concern. Women were worried about:

  • Accident Damage
  • Cut 'n' Shut vehicles
  • Poor Repairs

They thought that all of these would lead to unsafe driving for them and their passengers.

The main concerns for men were:

  • Stolen Cars
  • Clocked Mileage
  • False MOT's

It is said that to avoid any of the above happening to you it is simply a matter of knowing what you are doing. It is advisable to take along a friend when thinking of purchasing a used car and also taking it on a long test drive.

Green Flag have launched a vehicle inspection service that will thoroughly check to see if your used car is safe and 100%.