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Eyesight and Driving

More than 90% of the information needed to drive comes from the eyes but at least 2 million drivers on the roads today are unaware that they are at risk. Think back to the last time that you had your eyes tested, if you ever have? Many of us do not have regular checks on our eyesight and do not realise that it can deteriorate at any time. Without knowing this we are putting ourselves and others at risk on the roads. It is an offence to drive with uncorrected defective vision and there is al so a penalty for failing to declare a medical condition which may render you unfit to drive, This can be as hefty as £1000!!

Deterioration of eyesight can not only effect your driving skills directly but also can result in tiredness, headaches and road rage due to frustration. All of these can be a danger on the road.

The group most at risk, particularly to blurred vision, are the over 50's who may not notice the change of eyesight. There is said to be an estimated 2 million of us who do not realise that we can no longer read a number plate at the legally required distance.

So it is recommended that we all have our eyesight checked regularly to save not only ourselves but our passengers and others.